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I use an HP Z3100 printer that produces the highest quality prints available. The inks have an up to 200year durability, and the materials I print on (Breathing Colour, Sihl and others) are among the best in the world. All images that I print from are corrected to give the best possible result, I can alter backgrounds, colours, blend images and use any photoshop magic you can imagine. Prices are approx. 10cents per square inch for papers. 15-18 cents per inch for canvas. (Reduced rates until recession improves.) 10c or less for canvas and 5c for paper.

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Panorama of Factory from roadside.

This picture was taken in 2008 and doesn’t show the new roofing or the repainted walls.

The Old Ex-Cheese Factory

This photograph is the most recent -April 2009.

Photo taken only days after buying the property and beginning work on the exterior - 1998.

View from near roadside. 2009